Saturday, September 14, 2013

The power of conviction

Kaylin came back from her summer of cooking and let's just say that she came back changed. She decided to eat vegan, for health reasons. And she's doing an amazing job with that. But she also came back with some ideas about thriftiness. She went grocery shopping with me and was horrified that I would buy a small bottle of cooking oil when I could save soooo much money with a large jug of cooking oil. 

"But I don't have room to store all these supersize bottles."

"But you can save so much money."

So, I walked out with the large jug of cooking oil and have been using my funnel to fill my smaller bottle so it's more convenient. 

The power of conviction. One person changed the buying habits of another just through persuasion. I pray my children develop convictions about many issues and that they are willing to live out those convictions and be a powerful influence on those around them. 

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