Monday, September 2, 2013

Birthdays New Jersey 2013

One of the days we were there was Herlinda's actual birthday. So that was the day of the annual birthday party that my mom hosts. Tim made a giant doughnut piñata which my dad made sure to hang in a prominent spot. The neighbors ended up coming out to see all the commotion. 

Davis was the first to take a swing.

We went youngest to oldest.

The birthday girl.

We adults also took a swing.

Normally you use blindfolds, but there was no need. Tim and David would adjust the piñata as they saw fit to make it challenging for us all. We would think it was in one place and with a pull on the string, whoops, it was gone.

Finally the candy broke out.

All of the kids inspecting their loot.

Herlinda requested a ham dinner and my mom outdid herself. There was so much food and it was great.

The birthday cake.

Then the games. The Hickmans helped with the food and the games.

The kids on the couch all waiting for the word that they can go and unwrap their gifts. 

Most of the gifts come from yard sales and the opening of the gifts is always some kind of game. This time mom threw in some sponges, and wouldn't you know it, David wouldn't give his up.

These theme meals are so much work for my mom but the kids know they are coming and look forward to them so much. It's just a really fun event for young and old alike.

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