Sunday, July 22, 2012

First time at camp

During our vacation, Peter went just up the river to Caton's Island Camp and went to his very first overnight camp all by himself. He was really looking forward to this and was so excited. The camp was a large one and so Robin volunteered to help with parking, luggage and traffic duties. Needless to say, Gaelle was along for the ride.

Josh spent many summers working on the island as a counsellor and various other positions and so Sunday found him helping to register the kids for camp. This was his last day of vacation and I think he enjoyed getting back into the camping spirit.

On Tuesday Robin and I just had to go to the island to check on Peter. We knew he would be doing great, but it was just a bit of reassurance and home. We found him doing crafts. Not much of a surprise there.

We got a picture of him waiting for lunch. Not much of a surprise there either. We thought he might not get enough to eat, but he seems to have been well fed.

Cousin Danny was also working on the island. So, when it was time to pick up Peter, Gaelle was thrilled to run into her.

Here's Peter with his counsellors, Scott and Brecken. 

One of the fun things about this camp is the fact that it is on an island. You have to take a boat there which just adds to the experience for the kids. 

We knew Peter would be exhausted and sure enough he laid down on the hammock at 6:30 and stayed asleep until 8:30 the next morning when he was still a little groggy and slow. But he had a wonderful time and is looking forward to next summer. 

Oh Beulah Land

It was once again time to take our summer vacation and head to Beulah Family Camp. I just couldn't resist a photo of the bikes. They are everywhere during family camp. It's a great way for kids to get around but they do seem to multiply.

Our first Saturday we had a bit of rain in the afternoon. So the kids came in and played some games. That's a favourite memory of Robin and myself. We loved the rainy afternoon games. 

Emily came for one weekend and Peter decided it would be good to try some origami. His bat turned out perfectly. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that, just the extreme concentration.

We had a treat when 2 of Dick's friends came for a visit. Grandma Fern was full of patience and good humour with the kids and Grandma Carol spent quite a bit of time with Gaelle creating new games. 

Robin and Papa Doan were quite the team. Robin cooked most evening meals and Papa Doan did the dishes. A win-win for everyone.

On our last day of vacation, we finally made it to the wharf for some swimming, jumping and diving. Gaelle was anxious to try it but waited until mom made it in the water. Fortunately the water was beautiful. A bit of a novelty as the St. John River can sometimes be cold.

Peter passed a huge milestone. He swam off the wharf without a life jacket. His swimming is getting much better and he is getting stronger.

I don't know how Papa Doan stays so calm and cheerful with our clan around, but he does. We all just have an amazing time with lots of laughter. 


Just a snapshot of some Sunday afternoon music. 


Behind the cottage we stayed at there is a field with 2 horses. If she could see the horses, Gaelle would go out and call to them and they would often come. Of course she had a couple of carrots in her hand. The first time she tried to feed them, she dropped the carrot, but she became more brave and did a great job keeping her hand steady. So cute to see these big horses coming for her.


The weather was amazing the whole time we were at Beulah. We were able to go swimming almost every day. Gaelle loves the water and especially loves to be thrown in the air by her day. Overall, our time away was wonderful, relaxing, and just plain fun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red and White

Sunday afternoon we stayed in Halifax and went to the Commons to participate in some Canada Day FUN. One of the reasons we love the Commons on July 1st is because of the diversity. It's one time in our activities where Peter and Gaelle are not the only brown kids around. There are people of every shade of peach and brown. And I particularly enjoyed watching all of the brown kids with their various hair styles. They weren't all neat and tidy. Some of them were fuzzy and even free. Love it.

Some father and daughter love. Just hanging out.

There's a sprinkler and pool at the commons and of course, we never remember the bathing suits. But that's ok. It was such a hot day, the kids got soaked and easily dried off by the time we headed home.

All kinds of freebies on Canada Day. Here Emily is trying the Pepsi Challenge. She did it. Josh would be so proud. She knew which one was Pepsi because of her big brother. "Josh says Pepsi is sweeter." So that's the one she chose.

Dalhousie Summer Camps had a little booth set up. The kids could make structures out of tooth picks and gum drops. But don't eat them. 

Laser Tag was a hit with Peter. 

A dance group had a short dance instruction for the kids. Gaelle was eager to join in. I expected her to be front and centre but she managed to stay off to the side and was a bit hesitant with the moves.

We ended with some Canada Day cake.