Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red and White

Sunday afternoon we stayed in Halifax and went to the Commons to participate in some Canada Day FUN. One of the reasons we love the Commons on July 1st is because of the diversity. It's one time in our activities where Peter and Gaelle are not the only brown kids around. There are people of every shade of peach and brown. And I particularly enjoyed watching all of the brown kids with their various hair styles. They weren't all neat and tidy. Some of them were fuzzy and even free. Love it.

Some father and daughter love. Just hanging out.

There's a sprinkler and pool at the commons and of course, we never remember the bathing suits. But that's ok. It was such a hot day, the kids got soaked and easily dried off by the time we headed home.

All kinds of freebies on Canada Day. Here Emily is trying the Pepsi Challenge. She did it. Josh would be so proud. She knew which one was Pepsi because of her big brother. "Josh says Pepsi is sweeter." So that's the one she chose.

Dalhousie Summer Camps had a little booth set up. The kids could make structures out of tooth picks and gum drops. But don't eat them. 

Laser Tag was a hit with Peter. 

A dance group had a short dance instruction for the kids. Gaelle was eager to join in. I expected her to be front and centre but she managed to stay off to the side and was a bit hesitant with the moves.

We ended with some Canada Day cake. 

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