Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter cheer

We had a couple of big events this week. We started things off with the Santa Claus parade. It was just right. It started on time and lasted less than 30 minutes. There wasn't too much candy this year, but that's just fine with me.

It was a nice warm night for the end of November but I still made the kids dress up in snow pants. They didn't see the need for it, but were thankful by the end.

Then on Wednesday we had our first snow storm of the year. The kids spent a bit of time outside playing in the snow while Kaylin and I spent some time outside shoveling.

It's a good thing Kaylin and I started early with the shoveling. The snow became very wet and heavy. But we did it. The first snow always brings out smiles. We'll see if we're still smiling in March.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We love to go to the waterfront to walk around and play on the nice dangerous sharp anchors. Actually they have torn down the old playground there and are replacing it with a bright shiny orange submarine playset. I thought it would be finished and so Gaëlle and I headed down to see.

It wasn't open to the public yet, so Gaëlle amused herself with all the other fun objects just begging to be climbed on.

Of course there was the huge wave to try and conquer.

She didn't quite make it to the top without the help of her father.

Then there was my camera to play with. So I had my photo taken a few times. Great fun.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flashback photo

This summer my sister, her 2 kids, and my parents all came to NS for a visit. I don't think I ever uploaded the photos which is too bad, because we had some great times. Anyway, when I first saw this photo I couldn't believe it. My little niece and my daughter are the same height!!! How did that happen? There is a 5 year difference but you would never know it from this photo.

Another photo from the same day where kids are just being kids and having fun playing at the ocean's edge.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday girl

Well, I had a birthday this week. All the kids were able to come over for a family meal and celebration. It was a great time with lots of laughs and just fun being together.

Kaylin made the entire meal and cake for me. Spinach quinoa soup with home made bread and chocolate cake. Yum. Love it.

Kids mimic what they see

I've already mentioned how Gaëlle is consumed with cell phones. We went to the Bell Aliant store and the sales person offered to give her a display phone. It feels and looks real but it doesn't work. This morning she was changing the password to her phone. And she brought her phone over to Robin so he could add her number to his phone.

So he added her cell phone number and her home number. He called her cell phone number and it was "out of order". We told her she must not have been paying her bill or maybe she moved. Then Robin called her home phone and we let her answer. So a conversation ensued.

The other night as Josh was looking something up on his phone, Gaëlle ran to get hers because she had to "check the weather for tomorrow". It's a good reminder to us all that little eyes are watching everything we do.

Cell phones today.

Who knows what tomorrow?

A week late

Peter and Gaëlle were very excited about Halloween. Peter had huge elaborate plans for his costume but his parents wouldn't cooperate. But he's so easy going, he settled for a pirate and I'm pretty sure he still managed to have a great time.

Checking out their loot at the end of their evening. It was a nice night but still just slightly cold. The kids were bundled up and were only out for about 30 minutes but by the time they came back, Gaëlle's hands were frozen. They poured out their stash and had some hot chocolate. By the time they were warmed up it was time for bed to which Gaëlle said, "We aren't going back out?"

No, the way she obsesses about candy, I think she had more than enough.

Our church had a "Trunk or Treat" event in their parking lot. Emily and Kaylin dressed up and drove over to participate. There was a judge looking at all the cars and a prize for the best decorated car. I only had a few things for them to use on the car, but it sounds like next year they will go all out. They had a great time and think it's a perfect event for the family.

Playing catch up

The kids were quite anxious to carve the pumpkins and we didn't bring out the carving tools until the weekend before Halloween.

The big event took place in the middle of hair styling but that didn't stop Gaëlle. She is very intently drawing the face she wants to carve out of her pumpkin.

As you can tell, she is quite proud of her achievements.

Peter did a great job and really took his time. He pretty much did the entire thing on his own. Peter and Gaëlle just love all things crafty and they were both eager to be very detailed on their pumpkin. We managed to keep it simple but I see great elaborate jack-o-lanterns in their future.