Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Well the past 2 weeks have been filled with the flu. Every single one of us has had it at some point. We all had different sleeping spots. Robin and Gaëlle tend to camp out on the couch and fall asleep. Peter would go downstairs and promptly fall asleep. I'm the only normal one who would go to bed for my naps. Fortunately we are all on the mend. Still coughing. Still a bit tired, but getting better. 

Robin decided to shave his hair off. He is now going for the smooth bald look. Everybody wants to know what I think. Well, I'm getting used to it. 

Snickers has held onto one stuffed animal for a while now. Whenever we come home, she runs to find her toy and joyfully comes to greet us. Well, the mastodon was losing it's stuffing beads, so we are letting her choose between a frog and a dog. She's trying them both out here. We haven't seen her carry them yet, but we do find the dog in different spots. So I think she will soon greet us with her new friend. 

The purging continues. I went through the kitchen cupboards a few weekends ago and put aside anything I can't see myself using in the next 6 months. It was easy to let it go. Well, most of it. I have great memories of all of the checkerboard cakes I made, but it's time to let the cake pans go and all of the other kitchen items that are not used on a regular basis. My cupboards are much neater and cleaner. One step closer to putting the house on the market.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Post Christmas Fun

One of the Christmas food traditions I never forgot to do is making Peanut Butter Cups. I bought the mold at the "Shop of the Christmas Elves" in Yarmouth the first year I was married. And I used the recipe they gave out. I have made them every year since then and they are definitely a family favourite. This was the last one of 2014.

One afternoon, the 5 of us headed out to Peggys Cove for a winters walk. It was a great day but a bit brisk. 

There was a bit of posing. Father - son.

More posing. Husband - wife.

Windy posing. Mother - daughters.

Father - daughter smiles.

We stopped at the bakery on the way home. NS does have some colourful buildings and this is just one of may.

Robin took the kids to the oval one afternoon when I had a project I was working on. Gaëlle did a great job with the skating even though this was the first time this year.

Halifax has a new library in the downtown area. It is great. Another afternoon we took the kids there so they could have some fun.

Robin and I brought our "Beyond the Fence" To Do List and got some work done. Again, notice the colours. NS loves colour. 

Last Sunday morning we had a snow/ice morning. Robin managed to get Kaylin back to the bus for Moncton, but we decided to stay put for church. So I put together a Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt. We had our devotions and hated to miss church but had a great morning together.

Over the holidays we managed to play a few games. Ratuki is a new game to our family but Vashti introduced it to Robin and Peter last year when they were in Haiti. They loved it. It is a fast paced game but an easy one to teach others and fun to play.

On New Years' Eve our church hosted a games night. Quite a few families showed up and we all had a great time together.

On New Years Day we used the "Holiday" Dishes for the last time. After our meal, I packed them all up in a box for storage. We will store them until Kaylin is ready to use them. We don't plan on being here next year to use them. A bittersweet moment.

It was so nice to have Carol and Rob with us on New Years Day for our Soup Joumou. Carol's smile may just rival Gaëlle's. 

We did play a few rounds of Ratuki with them. 

And we pulled out the Scum cards for even more fun. Scum is another one of those constants in our lives. We were introduced to the game when we lived in St Andrews and it's just a good fun game to play.