Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Like Kaylin

Tonight Gaelle was getting her cream on before bed and she scooped some out and with flair, placed a dot on her forehead, cheeks and chins. Again, with flair, she rubbed it in and said, "Just like Kaylin." She was imitating the way her older sister puts on her make up. Too cute!!!

Last night she looked at the computer and said, "Talk to Emily Churchill?" She wanted to skype with Emily but she called her by her first and LAST name. Not quite sure where that came from, but it made me smile.

We were at the library and Peter saw the water fountain so he asked for a drink. We haven't seen him use one before but he knew what it was. He went over and placed his entire mouth over the metal spout. Robin showed him how to use it and then said, "Just remember all the other 9 year old boys who have been here before you." Needless to say, it will be a while before I drink from a fountain again too.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm the mommy

Well, we've had quite a week. Peter had 2 teeth removed Monday night which he handled like a pro. However, when he got home, he seemed a bit shell shocked. Robin kept him home the next day so he could recover.

Gaelle has had quite a week. It's been all about control with her... and she wants it. Complete control. So she's been getting the message that she has a mommy and daddy who make those decisions... not her. Tonight at supper, Peter was instructing her to finish her milk and she told him, "You're not the daddy." So, I guess in a way, she's getting the message.

Somebody sent us some clothes for Gaelle including a Tinkerbell outfit. She was in heaven when she saw it and has been wearing it at least once every day. Very cute.

Kaylin had a friend over on Saturday and even though I told the kids that they weren't there to entertain them, it still ended up that way. They spent a bit of time playing foosball. Peter wasn't doing so well no matter who he was partnered with and so he started praying to Jesus. Apparently Jesus wanted him to learn how to lose because he just could not win.

We've been having wet snow on and off today. When Gaelle was going to bed, she said, "I love snow. I want to play in it." Meanwhile, the rest of us are groaning and hoping this turns to rain and stays rain.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Funny sayings

Peter and Gaelle constatnly parrot what they hear. Sometimes they come up with the appropriate slang type saying and take us all by surprise. Tonight Gaelle asked where Kaylin was. She was told that Kaylin was at church. Gaelle LOVES to go to church and so she asked if she was going to eglise. No... just Kaylin. So Gaelle pipes up with,

What's up with that?

Then another day she was being given some choices for lunch. She often says, "Poco. Poco," and she holds up her hand which means "Wait. Wait." So Robin asked her what she wanted and she held up her hand and said,

Let me think about that.

To which Peter promptly said, "Her English is getting really good."

Tonight we had a friend drop by who is heading to Haiti tomorrow. This was his first time meeting the kids and he decided to practice his Creole on Gaelle. So he asked her, "Koman ou ye?" to which she said with disgust, "Meh!!!" and then she walked away.

Translation: How are you?
Translation: apparently one of those phrases that we utter when we're disgusted or frustrated

Either Dean's Creole was really bad or she just didn't feel like speaking Creole.

Easter weekend

Never too old to join in the fun. Kaylin hiding the candy for bunny day.

The kids dyed eggs at GLA in Haiti so it was a fun tradition to continue. Now we get to eat the eggs. So far we've found out the kids don't like egg salad sandwich. They pretty much just want to eat the egg yolk... by itself.

Gaelle needed a little help to actually find the candy and she never did get right into it. Peter took off like a shot to find the candy but Gaelle paced herself. However, when it comes to eating the candy, Gaelle is all about that. She frequently asks for "lollipops" which is her word for candy.

We had a fairly simple Easter meal this year. However, I asked Kaylin what dessert she would like and she chose grasshopper pie. Peter and Gaelle really believed we made it out of grasshoppers. They were pretty skeptical and hesitant to try it but they dug in and became fans after the first bite.

We dress fairly casually for church but got the kids all dressed up for Easter Sunday. Peter was super proud and once again said, "Joyce will be so happy to see me dressed up." He's such a people pleaser and one of his favorite people to please is Joyce. And I'm sure she would be very proud of how handsome he looked.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quick Snapshot of the week

Peter was the classroom "Idol of the week". He made a poster about himself and brought in a book to read and something for show and tell. Let me tell you, it was difficult to communicate the rules of show and tell. He wanted to bring in Snickers, but we convinced him to bring in something else. One of the first gifts the kids received was from some of the people in our work building. The folks in Community Policing gave Peter a "laughing" dog. It really cracks us all up. That's what he took in for show and tell.

The kids experienced their first Kinder Surprise. Carol and Rob stopped in for a visit and can I just say that Carol is as much of a kid as a kid. Her future grandkids are in for a wild ride.

Gaelle creating with paint. We really love all the wonderful craft gifts that we've been given. The kids do too!!!

Kaylin came home on Monday after 2 weeks in Thailand and brought Peter a dragon boat puzzle. He did so well putting it together. I stepped in a couple of times to point out a few things but he basically did it by himself. Great job!!!

We've had some great weather and the kids were outside most of yesterday. Here they are enjoying their bubbles. LOts of fun.