Monday, November 12, 2007

Our first package

We sent our first package to Gaëlle & Peterson last week. We really don't know how much they have been told about us. I'm kind of assuming they don't know anything and this will be their first introduction to us. The only thing the orphanage recommended was a photo album. We took our family photos and some of our town along with a picture of the kids playing in snow, and had each page laminated. Then we had the pages coil bound. I was really pleased with the results and think the album will be durable. Plus it can be added to if anybody at the orphanage is willing to thread new pages on. We included a doll and t-shirt for Gaëlle. Peterson will receive a t-shirt, soccer ball, and beaver stuffed animal. I also wrote small notes for each one. I'm praying it will be well received and their hearts will start to open to the idea of their new forever family.


Hurrican Noel plowed through our area Saturday, November 3. Which just happened to be my birthday. Fortunately, it didn't do major damage here in NS like it did in the Caribbean. On Sunday we took a drive along with all the other ambulance chasers to see the after effects. Again, fortunately we didn't see anything spectacular. But it was a beautiful day to just be outside. These photos were all taken at Blue Rock, a picturesque fishing village.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

October updates

Our very first update from our orphanage. Things have been busy for them lately, what with a hurricane and all. However, they did have time for pictures and hopefully next month we'll receive a more personalized update. But for now pictures are fine. Here, Gaëlle is playing with the music instruments and partying hardy. Peterson is spending time looking at books and doing crafts.