Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quiet moments

I don't know how it happened, because over all Snickers is an excellent dog. She is great with the kids and just loves people. However, there are times when she not just loves to be with people but she NEEDS to be with people. At those moments she is not always the most pleasant. She will follow us all around, scratch on bathroom doors, jump on on chairs and couches with us, and just generally make a pest of herself. 

But I will say, she is pretty good at letting us know exactly what she needs. Apparently at this moment she needs a belly rub. And notice the common denominator in these 2 photos. It's Josh. Yes, she is loving her Joshua. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

True Bluenosers

45 minutes before the Bluenose Half Marathon began and Emily and Robin getting ready to walk to the starting line. Emily was a bit nervous but they were both pretty excited to get started.

Enthusiastic but cold fans. We went to the starting line but then because of time issues, I decided to move us closer to our car.

The fans got a little distracted with a horse.

This is just at the beginning and it looks like Emily and Robin are flying.

This is the back of them as they get ready to turn the corner by Citadel High School.

We went to our car and drove down Robie St to the 4 km mark and we made it just in time. Because here they come still full of energy.

Closer and the biggest fans' hand is out to "high five". 

And there they go again. Unfortunately because I am a little bit forgetful, I offered to teach Children's Church today. Because of different events going on, I couldn't get anybody to switch with me once I realized I was teaching the same day as the half marathon. So, we took off for church and the next wave of support took over.

Josh met them at the finish line. He had a hard time getting a good spot to see and photograph the finale.

Josh assures me that this is them in the finish line. The announcer was even calling out names and when Robin and Emily arrived, he called out, "Here come the Churchills." I'm sure the crowd went wild. I'm sure Josh went wild.

Josh assures me that the yellow arm sticking up is Robin's. I'll take his word for it.

The happy finishers.

I'm just so proud of them both. I know it takes time to build up to 21 km and they both put in the time necessary to finish and finish strong. Way to go!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never a dull moment

Well, Kaylin had to deal with the uncertainty of forest fires this week. They have been in the area all along but this week they got closer.

A helicopter landed to let them know they had to evacuate. So, most of them took down all of their tents and they headed out to town and a hotel room. With a shower... and internet... and a bit of down time. It was nice for us because we had a chance to skype with Kaylin. Ahhh... it was nice for us but I know they were all glad to get back to work. After all, that's what they out there for.

Back to mother's day. The kids made me fish tacos. I've only had them once before when I was visiting Ruth in California. I loved them and after Robin's trip to California, I requested fish tacos. Emily battered the fish and fried them up.

There isn't much that Peter doesn't like. He was a fan. But then again, he's a good maritimer who loves his deep fried fish.

The sauce was soooo good and it was just a nice meal. 

I am so blessed with such loving, caring, fun kids. Thanks for a great day. I love you all.

Just a preview of a big event tomorrow. Emily and Robin are running the Bluenose Half Marathon here in Halifax. Emily has been working hard at school and her job and somehow manages to get in a chance to train for a half marathon. Emily and Robin are both excited. The mileage is no big deal for Robin, but it has been a while since he has put in those kind of miles. Should be a great day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Trip wrap up

Recently Robin was on a trip to the states to visit different groups that work in the field of human trafficking. He didn't take a lot of pictures, but I think this will be a decent representation of where he went. He started in Washington DC and in between meetings, he was able to get a bit of sight seeing in.

Part of the time, he had meetings in this location in Washington.

After DC, he went to San Diego and obviously had some delicious fish tacos.

The group had some time to kill, so they spent some time at a beach in the Carlsbad area.

The obligatory dip of the toe in the Pacific Ocean.

Robin visited the church that Marc and Di pastor at in Chula Vista. It was a great service and fun to see the entire family.  Altho, we don't have a photo of the entire family. But I'm sure it happened.


The next stop was Louisville, Kentucky. They were there a week before the Kentucky Derby, but it was interesting to see the grandeur of Churchill Downs contrasted with the impoverished neighbourhood directly across the street.

An impressive facility.

The museum inside.

Smoked rabbit from The Hillbilly Cafe.

They drove to Cincinnati next and I think this is the only picture Robin took. A view from the hotel room.

Next stop was Buffalo. This city probably had the most direct tie to the kind of work Robin is involved in. All the cities had quite a bit to offer, other than tourist spots, but Buffalo has become a center for Canadians; shoppers, truckers, and business people. So the link to Canadian issues is quite strong.

He visited Niagara Falls from the American side. 

Always an impressive site. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BC in May

We'll start with the beautiful. Kaylin sent back a few photos of her surroundings. It looks amazing.

But cold. They set up their camp in the snow. Brr.... She has found the nights cold, but the days are warm.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's Blingo Night

Robin and Emily have been volunteering at The Club in Friday nights. While Robin has been away, Peter and Josh have been filling in for him. Last night was the big fundraiser for The Club. There was a silent auction, and a live auction and of course food and other stuff.

The opening act was a song that the puppeteers have been working on. They were all so excited to perform and it went really well. Emily and Peter were nervous but the audience loved it. I tried to get a feel for the stage set up but it's hard to see. There's a live band on the actual stage and the puppet screen was set up on the floor below.

Of course, it wouldn't be Blingo without a couple of games of BINGO. Wouldn't you know it, Peter one a game and got a prize. Several of Emily's friends came as well, so it was super nice. This morning Gaëlle claimed that it was the best night. She did have fun. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Just Because' Going Out to Eat

We're a family that doesn't go out to eat very often but the kids love it and I try to do it when Robin is away. So last night was the night. Emily and Josh joined us which was a treat. Usually when we go out, Gaëlle is not very focused on eating. But last night she completely cleaned her plate.

Peter always finishes his meal and last night was no exception. Demolished his fish and chips.

And even tho Kaylin wasn't with us, BC is kind of far away, I'm putting up this photo of Snickers greeting her. Snickers is happy to see all of us walk through the door, but her dance is much livelier when it is Kaylin. She and Kaylin have bonded for life, even tho the absences are fairly long now. We miss her, don't we Snickers?