Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Just Because' Going Out to Eat

We're a family that doesn't go out to eat very often but the kids love it and I try to do it when Robin is away. So last night was the night. Emily and Josh joined us which was a treat. Usually when we go out, Gaƫlle is not very focused on eating. But last night she completely cleaned her plate.

Peter always finishes his meal and last night was no exception. Demolished his fish and chips.

And even tho Kaylin wasn't with us, BC is kind of far away, I'm putting up this photo of Snickers greeting her. Snickers is happy to see all of us walk through the door, but her dance is much livelier when it is Kaylin. She and Kaylin have bonded for life, even tho the absences are fairly long now. We miss her, don't we Snickers?

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