Sunday, May 19, 2013

True Bluenosers

45 minutes before the Bluenose Half Marathon began and Emily and Robin getting ready to walk to the starting line. Emily was a bit nervous but they were both pretty excited to get started.

Enthusiastic but cold fans. We went to the starting line but then because of time issues, I decided to move us closer to our car.

The fans got a little distracted with a horse.

This is just at the beginning and it looks like Emily and Robin are flying.

This is the back of them as they get ready to turn the corner by Citadel High School.

We went to our car and drove down Robie St to the 4 km mark and we made it just in time. Because here they come still full of energy.

Closer and the biggest fans' hand is out to "high five". 

And there they go again. Unfortunately because I am a little bit forgetful, I offered to teach Children's Church today. Because of different events going on, I couldn't get anybody to switch with me once I realized I was teaching the same day as the half marathon. So, we took off for church and the next wave of support took over.

Josh met them at the finish line. He had a hard time getting a good spot to see and photograph the finale.

Josh assures me that this is them in the finish line. The announcer was even calling out names and when Robin and Emily arrived, he called out, "Here come the Churchills." I'm sure the crowd went wild. I'm sure Josh went wild.

Josh assures me that the yellow arm sticking up is Robin's. I'll take his word for it.

The happy finishers.

I'm just so proud of them both. I know it takes time to build up to 21 km and they both put in the time necessary to finish and finish strong. Way to go!

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