Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never a dull moment

Well, Kaylin had to deal with the uncertainty of forest fires this week. They have been in the area all along but this week they got closer.

A helicopter landed to let them know they had to evacuate. So, most of them took down all of their tents and they headed out to town and a hotel room. With a shower... and internet... and a bit of down time. It was nice for us because we had a chance to skype with Kaylin. Ahhh... it was nice for us but I know they were all glad to get back to work. After all, that's what they out there for.

Back to mother's day. The kids made me fish tacos. I've only had them once before when I was visiting Ruth in California. I loved them and after Robin's trip to California, I requested fish tacos. Emily battered the fish and fried them up.

There isn't much that Peter doesn't like. He was a fan. But then again, he's a good maritimer who loves his deep fried fish.

The sauce was soooo good and it was just a nice meal. 

I am so blessed with such loving, caring, fun kids. Thanks for a great day. I love you all.

Just a preview of a big event tomorrow. Emily and Robin are running the Bluenose Half Marathon here in Halifax. Emily has been working hard at school and her job and somehow manages to get in a chance to train for a half marathon. Emily and Robin are both excited. The mileage is no big deal for Robin, but it has been a while since he has put in those kind of miles. Should be a great day.

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