Monday, May 13, 2013

Trip wrap up

Recently Robin was on a trip to the states to visit different groups that work in the field of human trafficking. He didn't take a lot of pictures, but I think this will be a decent representation of where he went. He started in Washington DC and in between meetings, he was able to get a bit of sight seeing in.

Part of the time, he had meetings in this location in Washington.

After DC, he went to San Diego and obviously had some delicious fish tacos.

The group had some time to kill, so they spent some time at a beach in the Carlsbad area.

The obligatory dip of the toe in the Pacific Ocean.

Robin visited the church that Marc and Di pastor at in Chula Vista. It was a great service and fun to see the entire family.  Altho, we don't have a photo of the entire family. But I'm sure it happened.


The next stop was Louisville, Kentucky. They were there a week before the Kentucky Derby, but it was interesting to see the grandeur of Churchill Downs contrasted with the impoverished neighbourhood directly across the street.

An impressive facility.

The museum inside.

Smoked rabbit from The Hillbilly Cafe.

They drove to Cincinnati next and I think this is the only picture Robin took. A view from the hotel room.

Next stop was Buffalo. This city probably had the most direct tie to the kind of work Robin is involved in. All the cities had quite a bit to offer, other than tourist spots, but Buffalo has become a center for Canadians; shoppers, truckers, and business people. So the link to Canadian issues is quite strong.

He visited Niagara Falls from the American side. 

Always an impressive site. 

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