Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Christmas Season is Here

I guess I missed putting up photos from the Christmas Parade in Halifax. It seemed super early to me, but I managed to get us all out the door in time to go. It helped that it was a warm evening and so we didn't have to bundle the kids up in snow pants. A warm jacket was sufficient. 

The parade was fun and the lights were nice and the streets were packed with people. I don't know if there were larger crowds than normal because we go to the smaller Bedford parade most years. But not this one. Anyway, the photos aren't great, but here they are.

This week when Gaëlle and I were in the store, we saw Christmas Rice Krispies. So we bought a box and some marshmallows and came right home and whipped up a batch of squares. If you listen to Gaëlle, she did it all. But either way, there was a pan of Rice Krispie squares this week in the Churchill household.

I love it when I get organized enough to cut up some veggies and get them pre-packaged for snacks. I also made some hummus. Love it.

We had some big wind and rain this week. It totally threw Snickers for a loop. She hates the noise and managed to cower the entire time. Poor girl.

The YouVersion Bible App for kids came out this Thursday. I am a huge fan of YouVersion Bible for our electronic gadgets. We all use it and I was so pleased to see the kids version. It is extremely well done. They haven't released the full version yet but the graphics are great and this morning while I folded my clothes, Gaëlle explored the Bible stories. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday night with kids

Friday night Gaëlle had a movie night at her school. We signed her up and I offered to take Peter and a couple of his friends out to do something. Robin ended up going to The Club with Emily to volunteer for the night. He was a volunteer last year but this year, we seem to be busier on the weekend so he didn't sign up again. Unfortunately they don't have as many volunteers this year, and so Robin decided to help out.

So, it was just me and the boys. We started with Bar-B-Q food. Then we were supposed to go bowling but the lanes were full. So, we headed to the arcade. I sat and read, while they played. They had a great time and I tried not to think of the waste of money.

We picked up Gaëlle when her movie was over. And on the way home, one of the boys told me about deep fried Mars Candy Bars at the local fish and chips place. I had no idea, but it sounded like a fun food to try.

I made 4 kids very happy with my spontaneous gesture. And what can top deep fried gooey chocolate and caramel?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Brides, blood pressure, and bags

Kaylin came home this weekend which is always nice. Emily, Kaylin, and myself drove to Bridgewater on Saturday for Sarah's bridal shower. It was held at the church so it was great to see so many familiar faces from our time there. I wish we had more time to visit but it was still good to at least talk,with a few.

It wouldn't be a shower without a few games. We had to guess who said what, Sarah or Drew and hold up the crown or moustache. 

Then there was a ring game where we were supposed to collect as many rings as possible.

My 2 princesses. 

I asked the girls,if I could get some pictures. Such beautiful smiles.

So photogenic.

Robin asked Kaylin to take his blood pressure. He has had issues in the past. He's pleased to report that it was 115/75. 

Of course Emily wanted a turn.

And she couldn't leave me out. She said I was faint and I'm always low. This time it was 90/60.

Sunday afternoon we had the chance to draw names for Christmas so we waited until Josh could skype and then we picked. For some reason Gaëlle really wanted Josh to get her name. She finally confessed that it's because you can buy better stuff in the US. I'm not sure how she has gotten that message, but there you go. And Josh did get her name. So the expectations are pretty high.

Robin asked Kaylin to check his blood pressure again this morning just to make sure it was legit. Today he came in at 118/75. Still very good.

I wanted to get a picture of Peter with Kaylin to show just how tall he has gotten. He is much taller than the girls now. Crazy.

This afternoon I had the sewing machine out working on bags. So Gaëlle asked to do one. I let her cut out 2 squares of material and a strip for the handle and she easily put a small bag together.

I have been reinforcing some seams from some bags made in Haiti. They are to be sold here to pay the ladies in Haiti that made them. Unfortunately there were some issues with the sewing machines and the tension was a bit off. So, I guess I have bags on my mind.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catch up time

Usually Robin helps the kids with pumpkin carving. This year it was just me. But no problem. The kids knew what to do. 

Peter did break a knife trying to pop the top off, but he managed to get the top off and carve a design with another knife. 

We took the time to roast our seeds. They were worth the wait.
The kids both had Halloween parties and asked for Christmas toffee. It was a last minute request of course and so Wednesday night, I was in the kitchen whipping up 2 batches. The kids love this and their friends at school also love this. Go mom.
On Halloween, Emily came over to take Gaelle out. A bride and a smurf.

Peter was a Massai warrior wearing an authentic robe courtesy of his cousins. He went out with a couple of friends and came back with quite the bag of candy and chips. 

Robin was gone for a while for work, but finally he returned bearing gifts. Big smiles all around.

I just celebrated my birthday and enjoyed a delicious meal courtesy of Emily. I was truly spoiled and am so thankful for the love from my family. 

Dessert was turtle ice cream cake.

The picture is a little fuzzy but Gaelle convinced us to all play "Just Dance" which was fun and helped work off some of those calories.