Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Christmas Season is Here

I guess I missed putting up photos from the Christmas Parade in Halifax. It seemed super early to me, but I managed to get us all out the door in time to go. It helped that it was a warm evening and so we didn't have to bundle the kids up in snow pants. A warm jacket was sufficient. 

The parade was fun and the lights were nice and the streets were packed with people. I don't know if there were larger crowds than normal because we go to the smaller Bedford parade most years. But not this one. Anyway, the photos aren't great, but here they are.

This week when Gaëlle and I were in the store, we saw Christmas Rice Krispies. So we bought a box and some marshmallows and came right home and whipped up a batch of squares. If you listen to Gaëlle, she did it all. But either way, there was a pan of Rice Krispie squares this week in the Churchill household.

I love it when I get organized enough to cut up some veggies and get them pre-packaged for snacks. I also made some hummus. Love it.

We had some big wind and rain this week. It totally threw Snickers for a loop. She hates the noise and managed to cower the entire time. Poor girl.

The YouVersion Bible App for kids came out this Thursday. I am a huge fan of YouVersion Bible for our electronic gadgets. We all use it and I was so pleased to see the kids version. It is extremely well done. They haven't released the full version yet but the graphics are great and this morning while I folded my clothes, Gaëlle explored the Bible stories. 

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