Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday night with kids

Friday night Gaëlle had a movie night at her school. We signed her up and I offered to take Peter and a couple of his friends out to do something. Robin ended up going to The Club with Emily to volunteer for the night. He was a volunteer last year but this year, we seem to be busier on the weekend so he didn't sign up again. Unfortunately they don't have as many volunteers this year, and so Robin decided to help out.

So, it was just me and the boys. We started with Bar-B-Q food. Then we were supposed to go bowling but the lanes were full. So, we headed to the arcade. I sat and read, while they played. They had a great time and I tried not to think of the waste of money.

We picked up Gaëlle when her movie was over. And on the way home, one of the boys told me about deep fried Mars Candy Bars at the local fish and chips place. I had no idea, but it sounded like a fun food to try.

I made 4 kids very happy with my spontaneous gesture. And what can top deep fried gooey chocolate and caramel?

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