Monday, November 11, 2013

Brides, blood pressure, and bags

Kaylin came home this weekend which is always nice. Emily, Kaylin, and myself drove to Bridgewater on Saturday for Sarah's bridal shower. It was held at the church so it was great to see so many familiar faces from our time there. I wish we had more time to visit but it was still good to at least talk,with a few.

It wouldn't be a shower without a few games. We had to guess who said what, Sarah or Drew and hold up the crown or moustache. 

Then there was a ring game where we were supposed to collect as many rings as possible.

My 2 princesses. 

I asked the girls,if I could get some pictures. Such beautiful smiles.

So photogenic.

Robin asked Kaylin to take his blood pressure. He has had issues in the past. He's pleased to report that it was 115/75. 

Of course Emily wanted a turn.

And she couldn't leave me out. She said I was faint and I'm always low. This time it was 90/60.

Sunday afternoon we had the chance to draw names for Christmas so we waited until Josh could skype and then we picked. For some reason Gaëlle really wanted Josh to get her name. She finally confessed that it's because you can buy better stuff in the US. I'm not sure how she has gotten that message, but there you go. And Josh did get her name. So the expectations are pretty high.

Robin asked Kaylin to check his blood pressure again this morning just to make sure it was legit. Today he came in at 118/75. Still very good.

I wanted to get a picture of Peter with Kaylin to show just how tall he has gotten. He is much taller than the girls now. Crazy.

This afternoon I had the sewing machine out working on bags. So Gaëlle asked to do one. I let her cut out 2 squares of material and a strip for the handle and she easily put a small bag together.

I have been reinforcing some seams from some bags made in Haiti. They are to be sold here to pay the ladies in Haiti that made them. Unfortunately there were some issues with the sewing machines and the tension was a bit off. So, I guess I have bags on my mind.

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