Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time for catch up

At the fruit and vegetable stand at the top of the hill, there is a carved tree trunk. Photo opportunity. They also serve ice cream there and apparently while the kids were at Beulah for 2 weeks, they only went up once for ice cream. Not bad. 

Robin went to Caton's Island to help out with some of the cabins that need a little extra TLC. He brought the kids along. Gaelle got to be a part of Girls Adventure Camp. Peter was playing with the nurse's son. Unfortunately Peter had a bit of an accident with a pellet gun. 

This meant a trip to the hospital and 8 stitches. Not the greatest way to spend your vacation but he handled it all so well.

The kids are modelling their new Caton's Island t-shirts.

Robin went back to Caton's and built the bunks that were needed in the cabin but he also had the idea to add shelves. I was expecting little shelves, but oh no, Robin has vision and he built some great big shelves. 

Gaelle is always picking up friends. Here she is with one of her playmates and her little nephew.

Dick is giving Robin a lesson on wiring.

Gaelle loves Papa Doan's big griddle. It's great for pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

On their last day at Beulah, Papa Doan measured the kids.

Huge growth in one year.

Names from many years gone by.

Peter spend some time at Beulah putting puzzles together. Here is the fruit of his labour.

The last moments at Beulah and Robin and Dick are enjoying one last piece of blueberry pie with a cup of coffee.

Peter had his turn at camp and spent a week at Boys Adventure camp. 

Fun times at drop off.

Robin and Gaëlle leaving the island.

We girls are never one to pass up a photo opportunity. On the way home, we stopped at the Silver Fox exit. Gaëlle pointed out the statue and out of the car we got to have a photo. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beulah 2013 continued

Well the week was not injury free. Peter hurt his arm playing capture the flag with the youth. It may have slowed him down for a night but it certainly didn't stop him. And Robin has enough experience with these types of injuries to know there's no use going to outpatients. There's nothing to be done except wait for nature to heal.

Every year there is a Night on the Boulevard where different groups set up food sales. It's a lot of fun and there's always a huge crowd. Robin gave each of the kids $5 and they managed to blow through that.

Some of the lines are quite long, but Gaëlle didn't mind waiting.

A bag of cotton candy for one sweet girl.

There was an amazing man who organized all kinds of events for the kids and the youth. There was so much activity going on. One day there was an egg hunt for the kids.

Another afternoon there was water games in the field. I think it was supposed to be for the youth, but all the kids showed up too.

A giant slip and slide.

Saturday night after the service, Gaëlle managed to hurt her hand. She was so tired and surprised us both by sincere crying. At one point she said, "It really hurts. I'm usually tough and don't cry." I agreed that she usually doesn't cry but that she can still be tough and shed some tears. I think she was just really over tired.

Cousin Dan came by for a visit. There's always lots of visiting back and forth. The kids were completely exhausted by the end of the week. The speakers were great and there were some new events tried. There were 2 mornings when a guest speaker spoke on Creationism. That was really well received. The president of Houghton College and Kingswood University each spoke on Saturday mornings. Both are excellent speakers. I really enjoyed them and would love to hear them again. 

The kids asked if they could have a party. Robin had no problem with that and 10 kids descended on the cottage for a party of hot dogs, chips, and iced tea. That was literally all we had to give them. Oh well. They didn't seem to mind.

Alas, the week of family camp is over. Robin and the kids are still there for a week and spent a quiet day on the river.

Gaëlle could probably go without a life jacket as she is really getting to be a good swimmer and the river looks really calm. But I guess for at least one more summer, she will wear a life jacket at the wharf.

Robin wanted to show just how empty the beach is on the Monday after camp is finished. Not a lot of people around. But still having a great time.

Monday, July 8, 2013

It's time for Beulah

We arrived at Beulah on Friday just in time for the evening service. It was a hot day and a very hot tabernacle, but it was great to be back at Beulah. Papa Doan had some guests visiting and so the cottage was full.

Saturday morning we were treated to omelettes. Very yummy. 

The weekend was very hot so the kids were happy to spend the afternoons at the beach.

In this photo Peter is not actually in the water but hanging out with some friends. He was having a great time either way.

Sunday morning on our way to church.

We always have to make choices and Emily had to choose what she was going to do this summer. She ended up in Wisconsin and a very good friend who lives out west arrived back in the maritimes just after she left. He will be heading back west just before she comes back. She was sooooo disappointed that she would miss him. He and another friend wandered by the cottage so of course, I asked if I could take their picture. That's one of the neat things about Beulah is that a lot of old friends really make the effort to connect once again.

Allison needed new steps on his cottage so that was a project.

Gaëlle was so excited to head back down the hill to VBS. And look where she is? Right in the middle of things. Peter is in his first year of going to the top of the hill for the youth program. He was thrilled to be there and from all accounts, the first day was amazing. He loves it!!!

Dick's guests headed home Monday morning and Josh and I had to leave Sunday afternoon. But we'll be back next weekend. While Dick's friends were at Beulah, they were in charge of cooking. But now Robin is in charge of meals and Dick is in charge of clean up. I think it works out very well for them.

Dick bought a big Kawasaki Mule for Caton's Island. Dean brought it over to Beulah and Robin and Gaëlle were so anxious to try it out. The 2 of them went for a very long spin around the camp. From the smiles, I think they are big fans.

Coffee mugs speaking to me

 Kaylin had to pack up her stuff for the summer so most of her belongings are in the basement but some of her mugs are carefully being stored in our kitchen cupboards. I was looking in my cupboard the other day and missing Kaylin as I was looking at all of her coffee mugs. But I was struck at how each one represented a part of her personality. So I took a picture to try and capture them. 

Somehow Kaylin ended up with another mug. So she sent a photo along with her newest representation.

Her smile gives her away tho. I don't quite think she's a bear in the morning. She starts her day at 4:30 in the morning so maybe things are a bit grumpy. Just 3 more weeks and then she will be done cooking for the summer. I'm sure she will need the entire month of August off just to recover.