Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time for catch up

At the fruit and vegetable stand at the top of the hill, there is a carved tree trunk. Photo opportunity. They also serve ice cream there and apparently while the kids were at Beulah for 2 weeks, they only went up once for ice cream. Not bad. 

Robin went to Caton's Island to help out with some of the cabins that need a little extra TLC. He brought the kids along. Gaelle got to be a part of Girls Adventure Camp. Peter was playing with the nurse's son. Unfortunately Peter had a bit of an accident with a pellet gun. 

This meant a trip to the hospital and 8 stitches. Not the greatest way to spend your vacation but he handled it all so well.

The kids are modelling their new Caton's Island t-shirts.

Robin went back to Caton's and built the bunks that were needed in the cabin but he also had the idea to add shelves. I was expecting little shelves, but oh no, Robin has vision and he built some great big shelves. 

Gaelle is always picking up friends. Here she is with one of her playmates and her little nephew.

Dick is giving Robin a lesson on wiring.

Gaelle loves Papa Doan's big griddle. It's great for pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches.

On their last day at Beulah, Papa Doan measured the kids.

Huge growth in one year.

Names from many years gone by.

Peter spend some time at Beulah putting puzzles together. Here is the fruit of his labour.

The last moments at Beulah and Robin and Dick are enjoying one last piece of blueberry pie with a cup of coffee.

Peter had his turn at camp and spent a week at Boys Adventure camp. 

Fun times at drop off.

Robin and Gaëlle leaving the island.

We girls are never one to pass up a photo opportunity. On the way home, we stopped at the Silver Fox exit. Gaëlle pointed out the statue and out of the car we got to have a photo. 

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