Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caton's Island Family Camp - Part 1

This past weekend was Family Camp at Caton's Island. We have been going every summer since Peter and Gaëlle have been part of our family. This was the 4th summer and it was different because Emily and Kaylin couldn't join us. As much as we miss them, you can see that the excitement was still pretty strong. One of us could barely contain herself.

It was a little more rainy than it often is. So the kids spent quite a bit of time in the rec barn.

Gaëlle was in heaven connecting with old friends and making new ones.

Regardless of the rain, the first night there is always a campfire and so a campfire was built.

It was surprisingly good.

My hood was firmly in place, but I still managed to eat my share of marshmallows.

There were hot dogs galore.

At the moment, this marshmallow was white, but the majority of the marshmallows consumed by Gaëlle were pretty dark.

There were 150 campers this year and 40 staff members, so the island was full. We started Saturday morning with a giant game of "Amazing Race". 

We were paired with another family who had triplet boys and a teenage daughter. Our first event was a basketball toss.

Robin showed off his mad skills in the fire building by piling up rocks and then building a tiny fire on top to burn the string. 

This was one of the more fun events but also the most challenging for us. We had to get our entire team over the wall and we couldn't use those nice wooden boards on the ends. 

The 2 dads went to the top of the wall and hauled us all over. This is the end when they threw themselves off on the net.

The rock climbing wall is always a huge hit. Josh was our adult member and one of the triplets did the kids side.

There was a bit of a delay waiting for the archery.


Josh helped Gaëlle with her turn.

We had to pour water in a trough and then into a bucket until it was full. We blew through this event. 

Robin got a little wet.

The kids had to dig clay and then make a bowl that would hold water.

Peter molded the bowl for our team. We ended the event in 3rd place which was pretty good. We were earning Monopoly money during the entire weekend for the pie auction at the end.

More time in the rec barn.

The canteen is always a hit with the kids.

3 cuties looking out the window.

Saturday afternoon was a little cold. Can you tell by the staff member who is spraying the slip and slide for the kids while she is wearing a coat, jeans and wool socks.

Peter is taking his turn on the zip line.

Gaëlle getting all buckled up for the zipline.

Finished and still smiling.

4 girls were trying one of the events at the rope course. You had to swing from one stand to another without falling off. 

There was lots of laughter.

Another highlight is the campfire when the staff does camp songs. 

Let's just say the staff was super energetic this year and it was a lot of fun watching them.

Saturday night ended with a movie and popcorn. They usually hold the movie outside but it was a bit wet.

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