Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Caton's Island Family Camp - Part 2

Sunday morning we had a giant Highland Games Competition. We were still in our same teams and had to rotate around the course through the different events. This was the log toss. 

This was the rock carry. We had to carry 2 milk crates loaded with rocks around the course and try to get the best time.

Peter did really well with this. For some reason, I stopped taking pictures at this point which is too bad. There were some really clever stations. Our team did not place in the Highland Games. But that's ok, it was fun.

Sunday night Peter was busy counting out our money for the pie auction.

We were the successful bidders on a cherry, Rolo chocolate, and lemon meringue pie. There were 11 of us in our team but at the end everybody is swapping pies to get a piece of the one you really want and there is always a ton left over. 

The camp provides the pie crusts and the ingredients for any pie you want to make. Anybody who cares to cook one can make a pie for the auction.

Some of the pies cooling.

There were so many families this year, that several brought tents and one family brought a trailer.

The Churchill gang on the barge, in the rain, going home. It was a different camp than previous summers because the older girls weren't there. But it was still fun and I'm so thankful for these opportunities to get together as a family.

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