Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tell me why

I had this series of books when I was a kid, but this isn't the right cover. Well, it's got to be the right cover for some kids, but not this one. I can't describe the cover but I will know it when I see it and this isn't right. Unfortunately the books didn't make it past my childhood but I still love to ask the question, "Tell me why...?"

Tell me why some days I run and feel as though I could go on forever, and other days I feel as though I'm moving through molasses. (translation: Today I had a great run.)

Tell me why dogs try to eat their own poop and try to lick up their own vomit. (translation: This would be an ongoing question in the life of a dog owner.)

Tell me why some puppet performances, with the same puppeteers and the same routine, run smoothly and others fall apart from the get go. (translation: Today's puppet show was one disaster after another.)

Tell me why I am thinking about selling CTMH. (translation: I am going to sell CTMH for 3 months and see how it goes.)

Tell me why teens ask difficult, brutally challenging, seemingly unanswerable questions. ( translation: I have 3 teens of my own and 1 more living with us during the week.)

Tell me why I find highly recommended books flat and a bit of a disappointment. (translation: I've been working my way through River Rising and I think I'm about to bail.)

Well, I guess that's about all the questions for tonight. I'll let my brain cells have a bit of a break from the heavy stuff.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Anthropologist, doctor, infectious disease specialist, professor, husband, father, co-founder of health project.... and the list goes on. Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the World: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer
by Tracy Kidder tells the incredible story of a single man and how his passion transforms the world.

I've been bothered lately by the force of pragmatism in the world. Nobody seems to have ideals which withstand the ravages of life. Not only does Dr. Paul Farmer have high ideals and expectations, he lives them even in the face of extreme adversity.

He visits Haiti as a young man trying to decide the direction his education will take. Does he follow his passion of anthropology or his passion for medicine. He decides that he can't separate the disciplines and his love for all things Haitian is entwined in the mix.

Kidder spends quite a bit of time with Farmer as he goes back and forth between Haiti, the US and eventually other health projects around the world. He obviously spends a considerable amount of time talking with him and Kidder leaves us with the impression that he comes to know and respect Farmer immensely. Unfortunately, as a reader, I still don't think I come close to knowing the intricacies of such a complex person. However, I admire him and his devotion to his passions.
Paul Farmer is dedicated to providing medical service and resources to the poor. During a discussion on political correctness he and some friends discuss the importance of appearance.
The goofiness of radicals thinking they have to dress in Guatemalan peasant clothes. The poor don't want you to look like them. They want you to dress in a suit and go get them food and water.
Because of his ability to see the large picture and his success with major health projects, he is pressured to give up his Haitian practice and concentrate on the big issues of world health. However, he says that he hears the voice of a Haitian saying, "My child is dying." He seems to need both outlets, big health projects and rural Haitian clinic.

I don't agree with all of Dr. Paul Farmer's philosophies, but I found myself challenged by his life choices. I admire his refusal to see "common sense" when dealing with poor Haitians. He believes that they deserve the best he and the world can give. He doesn't need to be practical in parceling out resources, he just has to save lives. One man has changed the world.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


My reading choices of late have been somewhat similar. I'm reading about Haiti, adoption, or family relationships. This one falls in the relationship category. Comeback: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back
by Claire & Mia Fontaine is painful and excruciatingly honest. I don't know how a mother and daughter could so graphically share and communicate their journey, but they did.

So often when I read a long and painful narrative, it feels as though important details have been left out. This story flows seamlessly from the first attempt by Mia to run away from home, to the final yet tentative reunion, and manages to include background information tying everything together.

Even after reading their story and knowing the trauma of abuse, I still can't understand such intense pain that creates this need and desire in Mia to leave the ones she loves the most and destroy herself in the process. I've always been from the camp that love can solve a multitude of problems. Good therapy is the answer. It sounds like Mia had good therapy and intense love and it wasn't enough.

This especially weighs on my mind as we look to the addition of Peterson and Gaëlle. There will be pain in their background that love and good therapy may not be able to conquer. My prayer is that the ultimate healer will hold them in His hands and cover their wounds with His unfailing love and mercy. I also pray that I will have the strength and the wisdom of Claire to fight for my children to the ends of the earth.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Welcome Gaëlle and Peterson

It's hard to believe this day is finally here, but today we officially accepted a referral for 2 kids. We received the proposal on Thursday and then kept on going for our anniversary get away. What an incredible time. We had uninterrupted time together to really talk and discuss what was on our minds. I'm so thankful for that because this whole thing was so emotional for me.

We sat down in Halifax Public Gardens and looked everything over. The emotions just rolled over me. Unbelievable! We are going to have 2 more kids. And they are so adorable. I mean, really cute!!! But as exciting as this is for us, I just felt such sadness for Gaëlle and Peterson. They don't deserve such loss. Nobody does. But especially not my kids. Wow, I know this is just a referral and they aren't officially our kids, but I am feeling a connection.

The big 20

So hard to believe but 20 years ago today, I married the love of my life. Where does the time go? How did I get here with 3 kids and 2 more on the way?

I can't say that I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday, so maybe it has been 20 years. I can't remember every step along the way, but I know it has been wonderful. There is nobody I would rather have at my side than Robin. I have the best man for the journey of life.

We started out as friends and we have remained best friends. I love being with him and talking with him and laughing with him. It has been fun. I mean that. I have had a blast being married to Robin.

I know that I will never fully understand all of his quirks and I will never be able to anticipate what will come out of his mouth. I mean, to celebrate the past 2o years, he planned a trip to Cape Breton for the 2 of us. Now, that's not a surprise. He loves to get away with his child bride, that would be me. No, the shocking thing to come out of his mouth was his 2nd career plans. He wants to run a Bed & Breakfast. Keep dreaming Robin. I just love to hear you dream. Here's to 20 more years together.