Thursday, October 11, 2007


My reading choices of late have been somewhat similar. I'm reading about Haiti, adoption, or family relationships. This one falls in the relationship category. Comeback: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Hell and Back
by Claire & Mia Fontaine is painful and excruciatingly honest. I don't know how a mother and daughter could so graphically share and communicate their journey, but they did.

So often when I read a long and painful narrative, it feels as though important details have been left out. This story flows seamlessly from the first attempt by Mia to run away from home, to the final yet tentative reunion, and manages to include background information tying everything together.

Even after reading their story and knowing the trauma of abuse, I still can't understand such intense pain that creates this need and desire in Mia to leave the ones she loves the most and destroy herself in the process. I've always been from the camp that love can solve a multitude of problems. Good therapy is the answer. It sounds like Mia had good therapy and intense love and it wasn't enough.

This especially weighs on my mind as we look to the addition of Peterson and Gaëlle. There will be pain in their background that love and good therapy may not be able to conquer. My prayer is that the ultimate healer will hold them in His hands and cover their wounds with His unfailing love and mercy. I also pray that I will have the strength and the wisdom of Claire to fight for my children to the ends of the earth.

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Donna Boucher said...

Ya know...people just do their best. Claire didn't know that her 'personality' was toxic to her daughter. And for the longest time Mia didn't know how toxic old dad was to her psyche. It is so complicated.

Could this whole exact situation happen to strong believers? It really is possible.

But as believers we have comfort from the Holy Spirit and we also have the beautiful blessings of forgiveness and knowledge that God loves us and that he created us for a purpose.

Although, in the middle of it all, I'm sure it would be a huge spiritual struggle too.

It's interesting.

Ya know what really irrates me.
That it was so hard for Claire to find proper help here in the US.
That the judges and psychiatrist just didn't seem to get it.

That really bothered me.

Just my very humble and long winded opinion :o)