Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tell me why

I had this series of books when I was a kid, but this isn't the right cover. Well, it's got to be the right cover for some kids, but not this one. I can't describe the cover but I will know it when I see it and this isn't right. Unfortunately the books didn't make it past my childhood but I still love to ask the question, "Tell me why...?"

Tell me why some days I run and feel as though I could go on forever, and other days I feel as though I'm moving through molasses. (translation: Today I had a great run.)

Tell me why dogs try to eat their own poop and try to lick up their own vomit. (translation: This would be an ongoing question in the life of a dog owner.)

Tell me why some puppet performances, with the same puppeteers and the same routine, run smoothly and others fall apart from the get go. (translation: Today's puppet show was one disaster after another.)

Tell me why I am thinking about selling CTMH. (translation: I am going to sell CTMH for 3 months and see how it goes.)

Tell me why teens ask difficult, brutally challenging, seemingly unanswerable questions. ( translation: I have 3 teens of my own and 1 more living with us during the week.)

Tell me why I find highly recommended books flat and a bit of a disappointment. (translation: I've been working my way through River Rising and I think I'm about to bail.)

Well, I guess that's about all the questions for tonight. I'll let my brain cells have a bit of a break from the heavy stuff.

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