Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall fun

Saturday afternoon we headed to the valley and to a corn maze. The farm had other activities as well and we all had a great time running around. 

There were a couple of smaller type mazes to try. This ropes one was pretty convoluted. Peter is the only one who stuck with it and legitimately made it to the end. Gaëlle made it to the end also, but she ducked under many ropes.

Inside the maze there were lots of stops where you were supposed to answer questions and the answers would give you a clue for the one final question. We didn't find all the stops but we still answered the question. 

In the corn maze.

At one of the stops, we could see the corn had been trampled down and an unofficial path created which led outside. By this time, Gaëlle was ready to give up, so Robin and Peter stayed with it, while the girls headed out.

Water pumps with little rubber duckies in the trough. You could race the other kids there. 

Some fast and furious pumping.

They sold hot corn on the cob. Yum. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mia and Kaylin have flown the coop

Kaylin headed back to Moncton and school yesterday. She left the cat behind. Her landlord wasn't too happy with them and so Emily stepped up to the plate and is now the proud owner of a 6 month old cat.

At the bus stop. Ready to go.

Mia in her cat cage, also ready to go. She was not happy to go in the cage, but she settled right down. 

Emily and one of her roommates, Vashti taking the cat to her new home. Have fun girls. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

Princess Mia came to the house for Thanksgiving. Kaylin found a stray cat in Moncton and she decided to give her a home. So when Kaylin came home for Thanksgiving on Friday, so did Mia.

It was kind of fun to watch Snickers discover this new moving object in our house. She was very curious.

She has spent long hours just staring at the cat. Kind of cute.

Saturday morning we had puppets and Robin walked the kids through prop design.

His encouragers are 2 boys with special needs who were so enthusiastic. 

One creative girl.

Robin and his big box of paper and supplies.

On Saturday night, Robin and I celebrated our 26th anniversary. It's hard to believe but time flies and here we are enjoying cheesecake in downtown Halifax while our 19 year old daughter watches our 9 and 12 year old kids. 

Saturday morning Peter had been asked to tell 5 things he was thankful for in front of church. This was interesting timing. Peter has been having a difficult time adjusting to his new school and that has really clouded his behaviour over all. So this was a good time for him to remember what he is thankful for.

The turkey carver and the pie maker.

A full plate of food. You can pretty much have the same plate of food at every holiday meal. I don't venture too far from the usual menu. I think the kids all love that.

2 daughters and 1 friend.

Father, boyfriend and son. Missing oldest son.

Mother and daughter.

The day ended with learning a new game. Rivals of Catan is a 2 player game and Robin thought it would be good and fast to play. But there's a bit of a learning curve to figure out the game. It took 3 of us trying to decipher the rules. The boys think they have it.

Monday was a gorgeous day and so 4 of us and a dog went for a walk at a local path.

Always rock throwing.

Picture posing.

Seeing just how far you can jump.

Skidding a bit with slippery shoes, but giving it a good shot.

Monday night ended with a game. This time the old familiar Clue. It went fast so there were a couple of rounds played. A great weekend.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's all about family

Robin's brother is terminally ill. For the past few months there have been a couple of tributes to him and last Saturday, Robin and the girls went to St John to celebrate with him.

He has been in several bands over the years and music has been a pretty important part of his life. One group got together and took a trip down memory lane with different band members and some of the songs they played through the years.

The ticket sales went towards the hospice in St John. It was a great night and Robin, Emily and Kaylin were thrilled to be there and see the impact this family member has had on his community.

Gaëlle's baby sitter took the plunge and got rid of her Baby Alive and all of her gear. Gaëlle was the happy recipient. She has been having a great time with all of the new toys and goodies. Thanks Jodie.

This week we also had a cousin of Robin's come and visit. Her father was a brother to Robin's mother. She has been in Maine and the maritimes visiting all of the relatives she can find. She stayed with us for 2 nights and we had a good time comparing family stories.

The kids are going to French school this year. That has been a huge adjustment for all of us. One thing we do is have a family French night 2 times a week. We will try to work up the amount of French we do but for right now, we play games.

I asked Peter to design a BINGO style game and he did a great job. He chose the words and drew the pictures so the rest of us could play. 

It looks like Robin found one. But Gaëlle ended up being the first winner.

The object was to get 6 house hold objects in a row. 

The prize was a bag of Skittles. We're trying to keep this light and fun and an easy way for all of us to pick up some French words and phrases. Great job Peter.