Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall fun

Saturday afternoon we headed to the valley and to a corn maze. The farm had other activities as well and we all had a great time running around. 

There were a couple of smaller type mazes to try. This ropes one was pretty convoluted. Peter is the only one who stuck with it and legitimately made it to the end. Gaëlle made it to the end also, but she ducked under many ropes.

Inside the maze there were lots of stops where you were supposed to answer questions and the answers would give you a clue for the one final question. We didn't find all the stops but we still answered the question. 

In the corn maze.

At one of the stops, we could see the corn had been trampled down and an unofficial path created which led outside. By this time, Gaëlle was ready to give up, so Robin and Peter stayed with it, while the girls headed out.

Water pumps with little rubber duckies in the trough. You could race the other kids there. 

Some fast and furious pumping.

They sold hot corn on the cob. Yum. 

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