Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catch up time

Usually Robin helps the kids with pumpkin carving. This year it was just me. But no problem. The kids knew what to do. 

Peter did break a knife trying to pop the top off, but he managed to get the top off and carve a design with another knife. 

We took the time to roast our seeds. They were worth the wait.
The kids both had Halloween parties and asked for Christmas toffee. It was a last minute request of course and so Wednesday night, I was in the kitchen whipping up 2 batches. The kids love this and their friends at school also love this. Go mom.
On Halloween, Emily came over to take Gaelle out. A bride and a smurf.

Peter was a Massai warrior wearing an authentic robe courtesy of his cousins. He went out with a couple of friends and came back with quite the bag of candy and chips. 

Robin was gone for a while for work, but finally he returned bearing gifts. Big smiles all around.

I just celebrated my birthday and enjoyed a delicious meal courtesy of Emily. I was truly spoiled and am so thankful for the love from my family. 

Dessert was turtle ice cream cake.

The picture is a little fuzzy but Gaelle convinced us to all play "Just Dance" which was fun and helped work off some of those calories. 

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