Monday, July 15, 2013

Beulah 2013 continued

Well the week was not injury free. Peter hurt his arm playing capture the flag with the youth. It may have slowed him down for a night but it certainly didn't stop him. And Robin has enough experience with these types of injuries to know there's no use going to outpatients. There's nothing to be done except wait for nature to heal.

Every year there is a Night on the Boulevard where different groups set up food sales. It's a lot of fun and there's always a huge crowd. Robin gave each of the kids $5 and they managed to blow through that.

Some of the lines are quite long, but Gaëlle didn't mind waiting.

A bag of cotton candy for one sweet girl.

There was an amazing man who organized all kinds of events for the kids and the youth. There was so much activity going on. One day there was an egg hunt for the kids.

Another afternoon there was water games in the field. I think it was supposed to be for the youth, but all the kids showed up too.

A giant slip and slide.

Saturday night after the service, Gaëlle managed to hurt her hand. She was so tired and surprised us both by sincere crying. At one point she said, "It really hurts. I'm usually tough and don't cry." I agreed that she usually doesn't cry but that she can still be tough and shed some tears. I think she was just really over tired.

Cousin Dan came by for a visit. There's always lots of visiting back and forth. The kids were completely exhausted by the end of the week. The speakers were great and there were some new events tried. There were 2 mornings when a guest speaker spoke on Creationism. That was really well received. The president of Houghton College and Kingswood University each spoke on Saturday mornings. Both are excellent speakers. I really enjoyed them and would love to hear them again. 

The kids asked if they could have a party. Robin had no problem with that and 10 kids descended on the cottage for a party of hot dogs, chips, and iced tea. That was literally all we had to give them. Oh well. They didn't seem to mind.

Alas, the week of family camp is over. Robin and the kids are still there for a week and spent a quiet day on the river.

Gaëlle could probably go without a life jacket as she is really getting to be a good swimmer and the river looks really calm. But I guess for at least one more summer, she will wear a life jacket at the wharf.

Robin wanted to show just how empty the beach is on the Monday after camp is finished. Not a lot of people around. But still having a great time.

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