Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kids mimic what they see

I've already mentioned how Gaëlle is consumed with cell phones. We went to the Bell Aliant store and the sales person offered to give her a display phone. It feels and looks real but it doesn't work. This morning she was changing the password to her phone. And she brought her phone over to Robin so he could add her number to his phone.

So he added her cell phone number and her home number. He called her cell phone number and it was "out of order". We told her she must not have been paying her bill or maybe she moved. Then Robin called her home phone and we let her answer. So a conversation ensued.

The other night as Josh was looking something up on his phone, Gaëlle ran to get hers because she had to "check the weather for tomorrow". It's a good reminder to us all that little eyes are watching everything we do.

Cell phones today.

Who knows what tomorrow?

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