Monday, September 2, 2013

New Jersey August 2013 - day 1

We were thrilled that we were able to visit New Jersey this summer when so much family would also be at my parents. We decided to try something different and drove all night arriving in NJ at 11:00 am. It worked out so well. The kids did great in the car, easily falling asleep and waking up for bathroom breaks and then going right back to sleep. 

We made it to Connecticut for breakfast and were all glad to get out, grab a bit to eat and then finish the last couple of hours.

Cicadas have been a big deal in the area my parents live and so grandpa spent some time educating the grandchildren on the wonders of cicadas.

It really is quite fascinating to witness this 17 year cycle.

The collection.

It is always exciting to see what grandma has collected for each of the kids. She seems to have an easier time when the kids are younger. It's easier to please them and the selection of yard sale items is greater. Gaƫlle had a lot of fun trying on all of the clothes and seeing all the bags for her.

We managed to head to the local playground where the kids could run around and just have fun.

There were races. David did pretty well but I think Joseph and Peter had a bit of an edge on him.

Ellen lending a helping hand on the jungle gym.


My silly shot of the grandkids.

Trying to get a serious shot.

Still trying to get a good shot but we have a goofy grin and some closed eyes. Oh well.

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