Saturday, September 21, 2013

Meet Your Farmer

Every year Nova Scotia holds a day to "Meet Your Farmer". Each year there are farms all over the province that open their doors to visitors. They offer tours, samples, and all around fun. This year I noticed there was a honey farm open, so that's where we headed.

Our farmer was a hobbyist who has turned to full time farming of honey this year. The operation was not huge by farming standards, but he was very interesting. I didn't get may photos but here he is giving us the information and showing us the parts of the hive and the steps to the process. And sure enough, there were samples. 

There were also products to purchase so we bought some honey.

Then we headed down the road to a U-Pick Apple Orchard. 

This involved climbing ladders to trees that were loaded with apples.

And there was running from tree to tree to try all the ladders.

I thought it was still a bit early for the apples, so we just filled one bag. And now I have to make some apple crisp. Yum.

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