Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chu chu chu changes

We've been through a few changes here the last few weeks. The older girls decided to get a tattoo on their arm. They chose "sé" which means "sister" in Creole. Gaëlle was a bit concerned because this was PERMANENT. And yet, they still chose to do it.

Gaëlle would love to have the freedom that straight hair brings. I compliment her on her curly hair frequently and she does like her hair. But she sees other little girls who can flip and brush and play with their hair any time they want. Gaëlle's hair is a bit more fragile and we have to be careful.

My sister-in-law, Herlinda shared the product she uses when she straightens her hair. So, I picked some of the spray up and told Gaëlle we would straighten her hair but it would probably only be for a day.

I was very nervous to be using the straightening iron on her hair and so I didn't leave the iron on the hair for long and I didn't get the iron close to the scalp. But Gaëlle had fun brushing her hair with the boar bristle brush and we put the hair back in a single pony tail. It was after all, Saturday, and there was serious playing to do. She loved it. But straight hair will be a lot of work for her and will be something that she can do when she is older and taking care of her hair. 

Kaylin found that not having a credit card was a huge hassle this summer while she was out west. So one of the first things she did while she was home, was get a credit card. Here she is making her first online purchase.

The first day of school happened this week. The kids are going to a French school which means they will both take the bus. On the first day, I let Gaëlle take the bus and then I met her at school so I could walk into school and help her get settled.

Robin was able to join us for the first bus ride.

Because she does not speak French, she will have her own tutor for the first 2 months. Then she will have a tutor on a smaller scale as needed. What a huge help.

She has a front row seat.

Peter will take a later bus and go to a French school just up the street from Gaëlle. He is not very happy about the change but we are praying that it will be a good thing for him.

Peter wanted nothing to do with photos. Grade 7 and all. But here he is in his homeroom.

In the midst of the first week of school, Josh accepted a job in Pennsylvania. So, on Thursday night, Emily came over for supper and we said our goodbyes to Josh.

Friday morning Josh loaded his car with a few of his belongings and headed off.

Snickers will miss her.

Our final goodbye hug.

Somehow in the midst of all of these goodbyes and transitions, we didn't get a final photo of Kaylin. She also left for school this week. Now the basement is empty and Robin spent some time on Saturday re-arranging. What will be next?

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Amanda said...

What a thoroughly enjoyable story, I can imagine the goodbye hug was emotional!