Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Saturdays

For the past 2 Saturdays, we've headed over to the Farmers Market downtown. With kids who love to eat, it's an easy sell.

Gaëlle asked for a huge peach, which she devoured.

Peter chose a Samosa. 

Gaëlle had birthday money to spend and so we went to the big toy store and look what we found; a female mountie. With red hair. Altho, that is not what she chose. She surprised me and chose a doll. 

After that we went to the Clay Cafe where the kids had gone with Kaylin a few weeks earlier. It just took us this long to pick up the final product.

Some pretty tiles.

Then on Sunday after church, we tried a Vegetarian restaurant. The girls were amusing themselves with hand games. 

Emily had a hummus sandwich.

I had tofu scramble. We enjoyed it altho Peter wasn't a fan of his nacho chips.

Last night Gaëlle's school had a BBQ complete with bouncy toys. 

There was a ton of room to jump around.

Just one of three of the inflatables. 

Gaëlle tried them all. Here she is racing through the tunnel.

Down the slide.

And out.

This morning we started back to puppets. It was such a beautiful day, that we headed back over the bridge to Halifax and the Farmers Market for lunch. Gaëlle had spring rolls.

Food always tastes better when you're outside on a sunny day.

This weekend all across Canada, cities are celebrating culture days. Our local theatre had an open house so we headed on over. For some reason, as we wandered through the facilities, there were area stores giving out samples. Here we are enjoying some chocolate peanut butter balls in one of the rehearsal rooms.

In the costume room, we tried on a few hats.

Gaëlle tried on a couple of costumes. 

Then we ended our afternoon with a tour of the theater. 

We got to go on stage and look at the current set.

One of the managers was our tour guide and told us a bit about putting on a production. It was interesting and a nice way to spend a Saturday.

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