Monday, September 2, 2013

New York City August 2013

We had great weather and one day we all headed to the city to visit the Natural History Museum.

It's rare to get a photo of Robin and I together, but here's one.

The kids were pretty excited to be on the train heading to NY.

Even though Peter doesn't look happy here, he was.

Group photo outside the museum.

Inside the hall with the dinosaurs.

2 fun girls.

Instead of eating in the museum cafeteria, I wanted to go outside and eat at the vending trucks. The food was pricey but oh so good.

There was a "Coolhaus" ice cream sandwich cart just outside the museum. The boys loved their creations.

David had fun feeding the pigeons the franch fries that fell on the ground.

The group enjoying the food and sitting in Central Park.

We walked through the park for a few minutes after lunch just to get a feel for the size of the park.

Then back to the museum for the rest of the afternoon. There are a few statues of Theodore Roosevelt around the museum. This is one of them.

One of Peter's friends also went to the museum this summer and said that his favourite exhibit was the long canoe. So, that was a photo opportunity for Peter.

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