Saturday, September 14, 2013

Game night

I don't think I've posted anything about a new favorite game. My mom gave the kids "Mancala" when we were visiting and it has been a huge hit. We had never played before, but it's an easy game to pick up. It's great because all of us can play and we all enjoy it.

GaĆ«lle has just as much chance as winning as Peter, as does Robin or me. The game is won or lost pretty much at the beginning if you can anticipate what the other player will do and make your moves accordingly. But you don't have to use strategy and can still win. And it's a fast game, so it's easy to play one or several games depending on the time we have. 

Peter and I also enjoy playing "Settlers of Catan" and we always tried to talk Josh into playing. Sometimes he would humor us and play. But now he's gone. So tonight we talked Robin into playing a game with us. Fortunately for us all, he did well and almost won. But Peter prevailed. With the success Robin had, I think we can safely say, we can talk him into playing with us again.

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