Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Sept 11th Celebration

Like most of us, I can remember exactly where I was on 9/11. My thoughts. My emotions. My fear.

But in 2007 when we received our referral for Gaëlle and I realized the date of her birthday, it became obvious that September 11th would be a day of celebration in our house. We have a birthday girl.

On her birthday, we had our usual family birthday meal. But this day was not quite the usual family meal. None of the older kids could join us for supper. But we still celebrated the life of one amazing girl.

Gaëlle requested ice cream cake, pizza, Sunny D juice, and all dressed ripple chips.

She received 2 phone calls during our celebration; Emily and Grammy and Grampy. You can see by her smile how much this meant to her.

We played with her nail salon kit. 

Glitter and sparkles everywhere.

Then she had fun with her Tasty Science kit. She made watermelon and raspberry fizzy drink. Quite fun.

The goggles may look like part of the science kit but they are actually the only present she asked for. She wanted swimming goggles. So that was easy. Goggles and a girl ready for bed.

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