Monday, September 2, 2013

Graduations - New Jersey 2013

Our family had several graduates this year. So, another theme meal was one just for the graduates. 

I helped put this one together and the theme of the food was "brainiac" food. 

Herlinda was the graduate with the most to celebrate. We are so proud of her for completing her degree with honors while she was a full time mom and wife and so busy with her friends and her community.

We had a lot of fun with the presents for the graduates, guessing what each present was. 

Ellen was another graduate. She will be starting high school courses this fall. Sooooo hard to believe how grown up she is.

The Hickman family spent time in Malawi and brought back authentic Masai robes for the boys. So cute.

This day of our vacation the kids had a lot of fun at a local water park. Unfortunately we don't have any photos of that. But they all had a great time. 

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