Thursday, July 15, 2010

They don't play in their bedrooms

Peter has just started rollar blading. I just love his enthusiasm to try new things. Anyway, he is doing great. The other boys in the neighborhood often rollar blade when they're playing street hockey and Peter just runs. Maybe soon he'll be able to keep up. He's been spending hours outside practicing.

One of the first things the older kids noticed when they came home this summer is that the younger kids don't play in their rooms. The older kids spent countless hours in their room with Legos and creating imaginary toy towns, etc. But the younger ones will go up and get books, games, or toys from their room and promptly bring them to the living room. We all just live in the living room and kitchen. We have a LOT of togetherness. Hopefully it's just one more building block in cementing our family together.

By the way, thanks for the puzzle Aunt Floris. It was a huge hit. It was 500 pieces and Peter kept saying, "I've never done a puzzle so big before." We kept telling him about Aunt Dot and her love of puzzles.

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