Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Beulah photos

The Beulah wharf is crumbling in a major way. I guess this is one way to mark the passing of time. Compare all of our pictures next to the pillar.

The kids are loving the swing behind the cottage. It's just fun to swing.

We're also loving the horses that show up behind the cottage. Peter was going to feed them carrots, but he was a bit intimidated by the size of the horses.

The kids were introduced to frog catching at the pond by old pros. We went to feed the ducks but some boys that were with us promptly set out to catch frogs. They found a little one.

I brought s'more stuff and we wanted to roast marshmallows last night at Catons Island but it didn't work out so we brought everything back and made them in the oven. Oh so good and so messy. We still need to introduce the kids to roasted marshmallows. Maybe later on today.

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Corey said...

Thank you for your comment re: Mais moulin & sos pwa nwa! I'm glad you've enjoyed the Haitian recipes.. coincidentally, I just bought ingredients to try 2 new recipes today.. so keep an eye out!