Thursday, July 22, 2010

The dynamic duo

We haven't been in our yellow kayaks since we moved 2 years ago. So we borrowed the dock of friends and dusted off the cobwebs and hit the water.

They're sit upon kayaks so water can't get in them. We've always had a lot of fun playing around in them and this day was no different. Splashing, crashing, and just all around craziness. Peter tried to get the best of Josh, but the 21 year old was not going to let the 9 year old get away with anything.

There was also just plain swimming. The water was amazing.

Gaelle wasn't as brave in the lake as she has been in the pool. But a life jacket and her dad's shoulders worked out ok.

Josh and Gaelle discovered they had a similar style and really bonded out on the dock. It was them against the world. Scary. But also super cute. Anybody up on the dock had to get wet. If you didn't want to get wet, well... they would take care of that. Now Gaelle doesn't want to go back to the lake without Josh... her partner in crime.

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