Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun in the sand

The Atlantic Ocean is really cold up in our neck of the woods. But Peter is the first one in the water and he stays for a long time. Our Haitian boy is made of strong stuff.

Gaelle was giving me some evil looks as she and Peter covered each other in sand. But they were both loving it. AllI could think was, "Not the hair! Keep the sand out of the hair!!!"

Peter specifically asked me to take a picture of his castle. I didn't get the elaborate road that he made all along the beach connecting his castle to, well I'm not quite sure what, but it was quite the road system.

Gaelle loves placing her towel next to her big sister and chatting her up. In this picture Robin got in on the girl talk too. Not quite sure what they were discussing, but I'm sure it was full of laughs.

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