Saturday, July 3, 2010

1st Canada Day

The day started with our local parade. It was just the way we like it. Short with lots of candy for the kids. And plenty of flags to wave. The day was full of explanations for Peter and Gaelle... always trying to explain what everything is and means. Why do firetrucks turn on their sirens during a parade? Ummm... people think it's fun.

We then picked up Josh and Emily and headed into Halifax for some more Canada Day fun. Gaelle entertained the entire crowd with her enthusiastic dancing. Peter was also showing off his moves and just generally having a great time.

We also walked up to the Citadel for a look around. This has been a sacrifice of sorts for Josh to be here at home this summer but every time I see him with the kids I'm just so thankful. This may be their one chance to really know him as a big brother. Josh has one year left at college and then who knows where he'll be.

It's always fun with Emily around. Gaelle loves to play and Emily will indulge her... usually.

Of course there were more questions. Do we know their names? Why are we getting our picture with them?

And we have to get all the kids on the cannon. Reminds us of our days in St. Andrews when we had other little kids. Such fun.

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