Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Vacation

Kaylin has been working on Catons Island for the summer and we have all really missed her. Gaelle especially has missed Kaylin. She prays all the time, "Thank you Jesus for .... (all the people in her life) and Kaylin. Kaylin not here."

So we are taking a few days to visit Kaylin. She has told everybody that she's going to see her big sister. We took a boat over which thrilled the kids and gracious Ian who let the kids touch the steering wheel. Thanks.

Gaelle told us she was on boats in Haiti all the time. Our social worker has told us not to worry about the truth and getting the truth out of the kids. So we just let Gaelle talk and we use the word, "Interesting" a lot. Anyway, they enjoyed the boat ride to the island.

We surprised Kaylin with our visit. The girls were both thrilled to see each other again. Kaylin is counselling this week so she won't have any free time until Friday night but it was just good for Gaelle to actually see Kaylin. She has been a constant in her life since January and we're all happy to see the connection all 3 sisters have with each other.

We're borrowing the Doans' cottage for our mini vacation which has been great. They have a covered porch which is perfect for late night games. We were given a gift certificate to an educational store and we bought this game called Qwirkle. We never would have paid so much for a game we knew nothing about but we highly recommend this game. It's about patterns so even Gaelle can play a modified version of it.

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