Monday, July 5, 2010

Our old stomping grounds

This past weekend the family split in 2. Robin took his mom and Peter to our church family camp. This is the place Robin and I met back when we were 13 years old. This is the place we both loved to go every summer for 10 days of fun and fellowship. Peter loved it. Robin's mom was thrilled and did well both physically and emotionally.

We knew it would be too much for Gaelle. Too many people. Too much activity. Just too much. But we had a great time home with Emily and Josh doing special things.

But I don't know how people do it. Gaelle was so excited to have daddy and Peter home and we shared all of our fun and how much we missed each other last night. Lots of hugs and togetherness before bed. Now this morning Gaelle is totally spinning. She's just OUT OF CONTROL. We want to do so many fun things this summer because Robin isn't working and we have such flexibility but 2 days away from Robin and Peter has totally thrown her.

So we will have a quiet day at home. Just being.

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