Friday, September 28, 2012

Tourist traps

We have passed by the mastodon on Highway 102 many many times. And tho we have stopped at the exit often for gas and snacks, we have never taken the time to get out and visit the mastodon. Until this fall. We just did it. Aren't you jealous?

Peter and Gaelle didn't have 2 clues about The Flinstones but we still enjoyed the little house and concrete table and chairs. 

Modern day smiles.

So, is this half way to the equator? I've seen the sign and so I looked it up. Well, technically it's not exactly on the 45th parallel. However, because of the earth's bulge, it can be considered half way between the north pole and the equator.

I hope this is the closest we ever come to a polar bear. A great photo op anyway.

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