Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Look who's 7

Wow. Does your heart just melt when you see how grown up Gaelle looks. She was so excited about her birthday and just had to change into a dress for our family birthday meal. Complete with a necklace and bracelet.

Gently unwrapping each present. 

Love the books. Thanks Grammy.

A new fun barbie.

And a pack of gum at the bottom. We know that won't last long.

Yes, Baby Alive.

Big brother helped with the excessive packaging. 

Blew out the candles in one try.

Ready for bed and time to say goodnight to Emily and Josh who were here for the family meal. So thankful we can share these special days. When she said her prayers tonight she said, "I'm sorry Kaylin couldn't be here. But I know she misses me and wants to be here." As I mentioned earlier, Kaylin has left for school. These are phrases I say frequently to Gaelle. Kaylin has been a constant in her life for the past 2 and half years and she feels her absence keenly. So I verbally reassure her that even though loved ones are far away, they are thinking about her and missing her.

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