Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last of Family Camp 2012

Peter and Gaelle love love love playing with other kids. One of the great things about Family Camp is all of the kids. They can play to their hearts content. One other thing we've noticed about Gaelle is her fascination with babies and pregnant women. One of the moms this summer was very generous with her little guy. She had no problem letting Gaelle play with him and carry him. After this cute shot, I asked Gaelle to just play with him. And leave the carrying to his big sister and family. 

Another big family game is The Amazing Race. We were on our own this year and completed several different types of activities. Always racing to be the first. Our mix of old and young kids gives us a bit of an edge and we have won the past 3 years. You can also see the determination on the older kids faces. We can do it.

Peter turned out to be a great shot. We only needed to hit the target 3 times and he got one.

Gaelle didn't hit it but she tried.

We've done better at the fire burning other years, but the wind was strong and unpredictable and it took us a little longer than we wanted. Oh well. 

Another favorite activity at camp is the rock climbing wall. Gaelle tried again this year but didn't quite make it to the top. Maybe next year.

Peter had no trouble getting to the top. 

The camp director has concocted a giant out door roaster and the staff takes turns feeding the fire all night so that on the final evening we can enjoy pulled pork. Once it's cooked, it has to be pulled. Go Josh. 

Another surprising highlight is the pie auction. Anybody who wants to can go to the kitchen and bake a pie. Some families opt out and that's ok. The cook makes sure there are plenty of pies. Other families come with their own special recipes. 

Each family has been accumulating Monopoly money all weekend. We finally get to spend it on a pie or two. I don't know how, but it ends up being an evening of laughter. Everybody gets carried away. Josh manages to have a pocket full of cash to pull out at just the opportune time. 

The staff hold up the pies and go to the tables to eat pies with the families. Actually nobody goes hungry and everybody is going around to all the tables making sure they get just a sliver of that one special pie they didn't win. 

I don't know if our family of seven will be at Family Camp 2013 but I hope so. Such a great time together.

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