Saturday, September 22, 2012

Birthday party conclusion

When our older kids were younger we never bought a cake from the store. It was all home made. And for some reason, once the cake was made, Robin became the cake decorator. We have some great stories throughout the years of real cake flops and cake successes. But they are shared stories. Any one of us can say, remember the Winnie the Pooh cake and we can all laugh and remember. That was a flop but one of Kaylin's 6 year old friends was so gracious and said she didn't recognize it because the shirt was the wrong color. Oh yes, if only the shirt was red we all would have known it was Pooh. 

Emily was my birthday party helper for Gaelle and when she arrived Saturday morning she was adamant that dad decorate the cake. The movie was "Finding Nemo 3D" so the cake was of course, Nemo. As anybody can tell. Robin was game and was ready for another generation of kids to laugh or oohh and aahh at his cake decorating abilities. More shared stories and now all 5 kids can say remember when dad made the cake, and all 5 kids can share in the laugh.

This time it was a success. Gaelle was pleased and Emily and I oohhed and aahhed.

We had the party at the movie theatre and only had the party room for one hour. I bought a craft kit that was supposed to be for 6 years and up. I couldn't figure it out. Robin couldn't figure it out. Emily to the rescue. She figured it out and got all the bracelets started for the girls. Once they got going they did really well. And they enjoyed it.

Gaelle had 6 guests which is pretty small for most parties around here but it was good for us.

She was pleased with the cake. Go Robin. 

All the girls wanted a piece of NEMO. 

This part cracked me up. All the girls sitting in a line with their 3D glasses on. I always like to see Gaelle's interaction with her peers. The dynamics of a group make a huge difference for her. She doesn't always use the best discernment in her choice of "friends". It was nice to see that she chose girls for this party that she really likes and who like her. I've seen her gravitate towards girls that just don't like her. It's heartbreaking to see her excluded when she tries so hard. She often gets it wrong and definitely plays a part in her exclusion because of her negative social interactions. But for this day and this event, she had a positive experience and I'm so glad.

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