Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Camp Continued

Just finishing up on the awesome Caton's Island Family Camp. We all look forward to the family scavenger hunt. You can just see the enthusiasm on the faces of the staff as they prepare to send us off.

Just a little brotherly love before we start off.

Each year we look for a frog. We're all peering in a little puddle here trying to see some bubbles or signs of life. We did see a frog and Josh had it in his hands, but it slipped out and he couldn't get it back.

But Peter did find a salamander. Not on the list but we kept it in case we got points for it.

We took a picture of the list because it's the same one every year. 

One of the other families managed to snag a frog and so Gaelle had her turn holding it. No, we didn't win the scavenger hunt but we got points for every item obtained and that translated into Monopoly money which could be spent at a pie auction later in the weekend.

The zip line is one of the main attractions at the camp. Gaelle didn't go down last year, but this year she went down multiple times. 

She looks a little hesitant but she didn't back off.

Sitting on the edge ready to go.

Away she goes.

Holding on and loving it. Screaming just for effect.

A total pro.

I think she liked it.

Now it's Peter's turn. He didn't have any problem and loved going down.

A great shot where you can see the height.

Coming in for a landing.

This is Gaelle going down the newest water toy at Catons. She was so brave and had no trouble swimming out to the water toys, jumping on and off, and swimming all around. The weather was beautiful and the kids stayed in the water for hours. They just loved it. 

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