Thursday, September 6, 2012

New beginnings

Here she is. A brand new university student. We took Kaylin to Moncton on Monday as she is studying nursing at UNB - Moncton. We have some of the greatest stories about Kaylin when she was little talking and dreaming about her future as a nurse or a doctor or even a vet. It changed some but it was always about medicine. She had her own collection of medical books that she would pore over. Always medicine somehow. 

The next four years will be a challenge for her I am sure, but I know that she will flourish and persevere and bless everybody she comes in contact with. I'm so happy that she if on her way. 

And another 2 starting their new school year. Peter is in grade 6 and Gaelle is in grade 2. They both enjoyed their first day although their summer was so wonderful, I am kind of sad to see them go off. They like school but it brings some stress and anxiety to all of us. There are definitely challenges for all of us to navigate as we continue this journey of public school education.

Here we are at the end of the day just kind of debriefing. Telling each other about our day.

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